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The Student Vote

Growing up, I consistently heard adults saying that my generation was the future; that we would make change happen. I was never truly sure as to what that meant. Then, as I was introduced to politics, government, and societal standards, I began to understand that there was so much that needed to change. We have been living in the same systems built by the men who oppressed anyone that was not male or White for decades. I now realize that my generation is the one that will push for change, for we are the ones that are making history by utilizing our right to vote. 

Not only is voting substantial to the future of this nation, but also to the future of this planet. Deadly fires have claimed so many homes and we need someone in office who will recognize that and do everything they can to combat the climate crisis. We need someone who will recognize the wrongfulness of keeping children in cages, who will acknowledge that immigrants are human beings, and who will treat minorities with the respect and decency they deserve. Lives are in danger during this election, and a lot relies on student voters going to the polls. 

The voting turnout for students in the past has been as low as 19%, and then in 2018 there was a spike: more than 40% of university students voted in the United States, according to Forbes. In a study via the Knight Foundation, a national poll was taken to find the expected voter turnout for students in 2020. The results came in showing that 71% of students plan to vote. This number is monumental and record breaking, proving that this generation is truly out to make change happen.

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