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AI is Booming! “Unlocking Creativity and Efficiency with AI in Visual!”

By Sanjana Bhawnani

Is AI the new memory keeper or a new imaginary dream come true? All of us click pictures. Some do it for memories, some do it for passion, and some do it as work. We all watch movies, take videos, and create social media with a difference of ideas and our creative mindsets. Now that we have AI, unrealistic dreams can come true! The imaginable is now on screens. If you want, you can be at Hogwarts! Even the most prominent photographers and cinematographers are becoming increasingly excited about the use of AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the photo and video industry, bringing about significant advancements and innovations. With the integration of AI technologies, how we capture, edit, and process visual content has been transformed, leading to an array of exciting possibilities and opportunities. One of the most notable applications of AI in the photo and video industry is in image recognition and categorization. AI-powered algorithms can analyze and identify the content of images and videos with remarkable accuracy, making it easier to organize and search through vast collections of visual media. 

AI has also enabled the development of sophisticated tools for image and video editing. Advanced AI algorithms can automatically enhance, and retouch photographs, and video editing software powered by AI can intelligently analyze footage, making tasks such as color correction, stabilization, and object removal more efficient and precise than ever before. 

AI is also driving innovation in the realm of content creation, as it can generate lifelike images and videos, opening new frontiers in computer-generated imagery and visual effects.

Some of the AI in the market are DALL·E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion pioneering impact in digital content creation by generating complex images from textual descriptions. DALL·E by OpenAI excels in transforming detailed text prompts into vivid, highly detailed images, merging linguistic creativity with visual representation. Midjourney offers a unique approach by producing stylized and often surreal artistic interpretations from text, serving a wide array of creative and design applications. Stable Diffusion stands out for its open-source accessibility and remarkable flexibility, allowing for deep customization in image generation, thus empowering a broader spectrum of users. Sora, while less known in the context of static image generation, emerges as a notable contender in the realm of video, applying similar generative AI principles to create or alter video content based on user input or automated directives. Together, these technologies are redefining the landscape of digital art and content creation, showcasing the incredible potential of AI to convert textual or conceptual inputs into rich, visual media across still and moving formats.

In conclusion, AI is undeniably booming in the photo and video industry, reshaping the way we capture, edit, and interact with visual content. Its influence spans across diverse domains, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and growth. As we embrace the potential of AI, it is essential to navigate its developments thoughtfully, ensuring that its integration continues to benefit society while upholding ethical standards. We have many innovative ideas being developed here at NYIT.  Our research lab HIVE is leading the way in the AI field of research.

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