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By: Natalia Chancafe

December 2023

Are you tired of doing homework? Have you stopped trying your best in certain classes? Are you running on autopilot for the last weeks of the semester? You may be suffering from senioritis! 

Every student is bound to feel the effects of senioritis at some point in their last year in school.

As a high school or university senior, the finish line is so close to graduation that some students start to feel like going the extra mile is not worth it anymore. 

With the fall semester ending, the energy at New York Tech is shifting. Several students have started to feel fatigued. I have noticed that some classrooms are empty this time of year, as students only show up for exams and finals, not lessons.

However, some students may feel it earlier than their last year of college. 

Christian Castillo, a 4th-year Communication Arts student at New York Tech, is definitely feeling senioritis this year. “I started to feel senioritis last year when I mapped out what my last semester was going to be like. “

Castillo is a Fall 2024 graduate but still has to wait until May 2024 before he can walk the stage at graduation. He’s itching to finish, and online classes are making it worse. 

“One example is when I have to do discussion boards online. I sometimes dont have the urge to do it but I eventually get around to it when I need it for my grades,” Castillo says. 

The issue of senioritis isn’t just affecting classrooms at New York Tech. Outside of our campus, other students are struggling to stay motivated as well.

Madison Huntley, a double major in criminal justice and social work at Seton Hall University is feeling the effects of senioritis through burnout.

“Senioritis to me is like seeing how close you are to the finish line but feeling so burnt out that  the amount of effort and time I put into my work is not what it used to be because I just don't physically have the energy to complete my work,”

Are you feeling the effects of senioritis? Here's some advice from 4th year students trying to get by.

“One advice to work around senioritis is to keep yourself busy, whether it’s activities or studying. It's always good to not let yourself fall into a lazy habit while you’re next to the finish line of graduation.”

  • Christian Castillo, New York Tech Fall 2023 

“Some advice is honestly self-care, focus on yourself and just try your best.” 

  • Madison Huntley, Seton Hall Spring 2024

“My advice to work around senioritis is to look at what tasks and classes can be done with automation. As a former overachiever, I started recognizing that I don’t have to have high achievements in every aspect of my life. I may fail at some things, I might walk away from things that just don’t serve me the way they used to, and that’s alright.” 

  • Ashanti Hannon, New York Tech Fall 2023 

“Just choose what’s important to you. Focus on your long-term goals. Be rational even when you tend to rationalize irrational thoughts and behaviors.”

  • Anonymous 

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