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Navigating NYIT: The Manhattan Globe

By: Imtiaz Haque

Welcome back to Navigating NYIT, I’m your guide Imtiaz Haque and I hope you guys enjoyed my last article regarding the Student Veteran Organization. I wanted to keep on theme with student-led activities but also wanted to cover something that I am close to, which led me to realize, what if I talked about the Manhattan Globe itself? 

For some context, I’m a freshman who joined the Globe this semester and, albeit short, the time I’ve spent has been great. Thus, I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes information about the Globe.

The Globe is the NYC campus’ newspaper organization that keeps students up to date on the latest happenings on and off campus. We’re a club that meets on Tuesdays during free hours (12  - 1:30 pm) through Zoom and in person at 26 W 61st Street, room 207. During these meetings, we talk about a variety of things like how we felt about the last issue, what we plan on writing about for the next issue, and if we need help with a topic or article. 

These meetings are the best time to brainstorm ideas for our issues as being able to bounce ideas off of each other really helps. You can write about whatever you want, whether it be Stanley’s vs Hydro Flasks or the budget cuts that have been happening in NYC.  Even if you do bring up topics that have been written about before, instead of telling a person to write about something else, we try to take that topic in a new direction. There’s always something to write about for the Globe.

Brainstorming isn’t the only thing that happens during the meetings, as we often find ourselves talking about what we would need for our articles or certain events coming up that we should cover. Recently, members of the Manhattan Globe were given the opportunity to go to the College Media Association’s 2024 conference, which gave those members opportunities to network with others and learn more about journalism as a whole. The tickets for the event were completely covered by NYIT, meaning all the members had to do was show up. I can’t wait to see what next year’s conference has in store for us.

Speaking of things that we need for our articles, there’s more to contribute to articles than just writing a piece like I do. For example, the logo for the Manhattan Globe was designed by Alexandra Ortiz, a previous member of the Globe. Almost everything you’re seeing right now is designed by either our Advisor, Professor Kevin Horton, or by a member of the Globe. All the pictures you see are taken by members of the Globe and we, sometimes, even have sections that are just dedicated to photos like the Black History Month section near the end of February’s issue. Not to mention, you don’t even need to do something that involves the issue. We’re really into social media right now, so we’re always looking for new ideas to post on our social media. We’re constantly working on our website to make sure that it’s updated with our articles and our About page, where you can see my semi-lovely headshot. 

The Globe is a place where you are free to express yourself and help others the way you want. You don’t like writing? That’s fine, you can take pictures. Do you find yourself scrolling through TikTok a bit too much? That’s great, you must know at least one trend. You can take pictures, record YouTube videos, give a space for your photography, help edit someone else’s paper, go to events, and hand out the newest issue. 

There’s always something to do for the Globe and that’s my favorite part about it. Everyone can have a job that lets them express themselves. With that being said, feel free to come to room 207 during free hour on Tuesdays to see what we’re about. We have 30 or so members now and we’re always growing. Before I sign off, I would love to give a shoutout to our Managing Editor Ola for giving me this super cool logo for Navigating NYIT. Last but not least, this has been your guide, Imtiaz Haque, and please keep searching for that sweet Treasure!

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