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Manhattan Globe Takes Over the College Media Association Convention How college clubs, organizations, and content creators can level up their social media accounts

By: Natalia Chancafe

On March 13th, 2024 a couple of Manhattan Globe staff members were able to attend the College Media Association Convention in Times Square. 

You might've never heard of the CMA and probably have no idea what this convention is about. But if you have a passion for journalism, news, digital design, and media production then you might want to learn about it. 

According to the CMA website, the College Media Association “serves student media pros, staffs and programs with education, research, and resources.” At the annual convention, you can “meet reporters, editors, broadcasters, podcasters, digital marketers, nonprofit content producers, public relations managers, and many other media pros whose jobs you don’t even know exist. Yet.” This is heaven for the Manhattan Globe staff members who want to learn more about the media industry to grow their careers - including myself!

Thanks to New York Tech I was able to join the convention and attend lectures/ discussions on different topics in media such as graphic design, journalism practices, and social media.

The discussion that stood out to me was titled “Do you really know social media? How to level up!” and the speaker was Annie Block-Weiss, CSU Channel Islands. 

Annie was a social media pro and knew a lot about running social media pages for college based accounts including a student newspaper. Although the room was filled with students from all around the country she was able to get us to connect and relate on one thing - our social media accounts.

Whether you are the social media director for your club, organization or personal account, Annie went over best practices for leveling up your social media image especially when it comes to the algorithm. 

Most New York Tech clubs use Instagram as their primary source of communication, marketing, and promotion to reach the target audience of students. We all want our club to grow and be seen but sometimes that Instagram algorithm is hard to figure out.

Here are the best practices to make sure your Instagram account follows the algorithm, improves rankings, and reaches more students - according to Annie. 

  1. Consistently Share Instagram Reels

  2. Encourage Interactions with Instagram Stories and Stickers

  3. Drive Conversations with Engaging Captions

  4. Add Hashtags and Keywords to Your Posts

  5. Ask Followers To Add You to Their Favorites Feed

  6. Cross-promote Your Instagram Content

  7. Use Instagram Analytics to See What's Working

The Manhattan Globe will definitely be using these best practices on Instagram and we hope you do too!

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