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Engineers Week Blog

April 2023

by: Maria C. Alguera

Students celebrated Engineers Week 2023 at the College of Engineering & Computing Sciences. With this year’s theme being “Creating the Future” students recognize how engineers play a vital role in innovating solutions to global challenges that impact future generations. By working together to develop new technologies, products, and opportunities, engineers create new possibilities that make the world a better place. We are pleased to mention that we had the opportunity to have multiple schools visit our event. 

Students had the opportunity to learn about various CoECS clubs. Projects were introduced to students that help them enhance their college experiences with others and share common interests. Some of the events that occurred were the makers station, live demos, meeting E.R.R.S.E.L.A (the ETIC research robot), and faculty discussions. 

The Makers Station showcased students’ creative innovation and curious ideas. They facilitated a live demonstration of 3D printing and laser cutting/engraving. Students were able to enjoy the process of how 3D printing works and how it can be used.


 Meeting E.R.R.S.E.L.A. The ETIC Research Robot 

Students had the opportunity to tour the Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center (ETIC). Students were able to learn more about our NASA program, robotics, Youtube, Corporate Prototyping and the iNTEREST Lecture Series. 


Mr. David Fanning, our laboratory engineer, ran multiple workshops during free-hour at the machine shop. Students were able to learn a new skill and gain knowledge in welding, mining, band saw, lathe, drill press and laser engraving. 

Engineer’s Week Closing Remarks

We wrapped up the week of celebration with a cozy lunch and a talk with faculty. We also had a raffle draw where E.R.R.S.E.L.A helped us pick three winners.

Dean Babak Beheshti welcomes students to Engineers week by explaining the importance of engineers and their role within society. He also encouraged everyone to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the works of engineers. He further added that being innovative and developing new technologies are ways to help the environment and the country.

Dr. James Scire shared with the students the initial spark he felt when it came to engineering. He explained his fascination in learning how to make devices work, essentially by taking objects apart and then putting them back together. Dr. Scire discussed the importance of trial and error when it comes to learning all aspects of engineering. He explains that although it is important to get something to work, the knowledge received from the process is just as crucial.

Maherukh Akhtar started off her discussion by challenging the students to think of a world without technology, Students reacted by sharing their thoughts and discussing their own experience without technology. Students were also engaging in questions about innovation, artificial intelligence and more. 

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