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Top Ten Gifts for your Significant Other

A brand new year is around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what is in store. Before we say our goodbyes to 2020 though, the tradition is to shop till we drop for the holidays. We’ve had a rough year that will never be forgotten. That’s why we have to let this year go with a bang, let’s give our significant other a gift they will en- joy.

Here are ten gifts that your partner will love:

Mobile Photo Printer: A gift that lets you print out all your romantic memo- ries and hang them up.

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Waterproof Speaker: For a relaxing romantic shower after work. For a weekend jam session.

Matching Undies for Bedtime For bedtime bonding.

A DIY gift: A personalized gift with meaning to your partner.

Examples: A photo album with pictures and screenshots of chats and phone calls. A list of things you would only like to do with your partner. Jewelry with Significance to your partner: A necklace with a symbol of your union. A bracelet with a charm or a keychain with charm that represents both of you. A ring that has the date when you met engraved. An item your significant other can use everyday, some- thing functional: An item your partner has been needing: A coffee machine. A sweet mug with their initial. A blanket that reminds them of you. Something she can use to relax like an essential oil diffuse. Adopt a furry friend together: A pet you can take care of together that will bring ador- able memories into your lives. Also of course a home for a homeless furry friend needing kind parents. A romantic scavenger hunt to an a intimate candle lit dinner and a sexy evening: A cute picnic in the living room by the tree with your partner’s favorite foods and a gift from the list above, then you can blind floor your partner and lead them to a sexy and relaxing bath or shower filled with oils and can- dles. If you are in a long distance relationship, fly out to your partner and put a bow on yourself for the holidays, but first take a covid test. If it is impossible for you to visit them, mail them a gift you can use together: Bond Touch Bracelets. It’s a waterproof bracelet that when you touch it your partner’s bracelet lights up and vibrates. This gift allows for even the busiest partners to keep in touch, literally. Once you get the hang of it you can communicate with pules, meaning different things like I love you or I miss you, come home. This is a great gift to remind your partner even on the toughest days that you are thinking of them. A naughty gift: The Lush Bullet Vibrator, it’s pretty sim- ple and it works with an app that allows your partner to pleasure you when they can’t. Traveling essentials for when they visit you: A travel pillow, toiletry case personalized with the name of your partner. This one you will love:

Give your partner a sweatshirt that smells like you. Your smell is unique to you and your partner will consider it sacrate on the toughest of days when they miss you. A body pillow for your partner on lonely nights A present that gifts them a night of experimentation, where everything is possible: You can have an interactive night of sexual pleasures. A day of all the things your partner wishes to do with you: Shopping, Spa Day, PaintBall, Video Games all day, or Skydiving lessons.

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