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Is Everything Boring?

Updated: Apr 2

By Geeta Sneha

Is everything boring? - a trickling question that we might never find the exact/perfect answer for. As I write this sitting in my room doing my favorite thing - watching the sunset with pink, orange, and yellow hues, it reminds me of most of the times I caught myself thinking - why is everything boring? Why is it the same process in repeat mode every day? Why can't each day be different, interesting, exciting, and crazy?

The real question is - is everything really boring? Now, when I think about it, I feel - what if everything is not boring? What if we can make it better? What if we can make it interesting, exciting, and crazy? This doesn't mean you've to do something humongous daily. It can be as simple as making your perfect morning coffee, sleeping in a little extra, having your go-to snack for lunch maybe, reading a book, slow dancing in your room, listening to cozy music on a slow afternoon, going on that long drive, going for an evening run, watching your favorite movie/sport, calling up your friend to have a conversation, sitting in silence with your thoughts or taking that trip you've always wanted to.

It doesn't matter how big or small the task/event/situation is - all that matters is if it is making you happy or not. At the end of the day, whatever you do must make sense to you - everything else is secondary. You can be sad about 99 other things for 90-99% of the day, but make that 1 thing each day count by making yourself at least 1% happy each day.

Everything need not be boring. Every day need not be the same. It is obvious we'll have to be stuck in a routine or to put it in a much better way - following a routine would help you stay organized and we gotta do what gotta do - be it work or school or college or everyday chores - this is inevitable. Instead of sulking about how bad, sad, and boring it gets - let's find something interesting to do each day. 

Our perspective makes all the difference. How we understand and perceive each situation or anything has an impact on how we feel about it. Once we realize that we can change what we feel about anything, it'll never be the same again.

Well, let me finish this with a question for you - what is your not-so-boring activity to do?

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