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Slow Growth

Why do we work so hard for such temporary satisfaction? We work and work and work and work just to burnout. Yet, we become it with open arms when we shouldn’t. Talking about some information regarding slow growth is necessary. How it is the opposite of burning out and more effective.

According to HelpGuide.Org, burnout is about not enough; feeling empty and mentally exhausted, devoid of motivation, and beyond caring. Burnout is the sense of feeling dried out. Your emotions seem null, void, you’re disengaged, you feel helplessness and hopelessness, and a whole lot more.

It has become apparent that society has associated burning out as a positive thing. A positive representation of productivity, success, and a quick satisfaction of happiness. For example, if you are working on schoolwork and you have loads of work to do, the typical solution of an average student would be to leave it for the last second and burnout accomplishing each schoolwork/homework. In the sense pursuing a career, clocking in multiple hours without rest in-between to “catch up” with everyone else or “be ahead” to show off to employers will backfire on you in the long run due to health issues that will occur of burning out.

It might seem that it sounds as if there is certainly an undertone of “don’t work too much.” However, that is not the intention. The point is about being wiser and healthier. That is the essence of slow growth. Slow Growth is about a slow burn promoting the idea of giant leaps beginning with small steps and savoring the journey. As a student, I often find myself taking up multiple projects with deadlines, stress, and eventually not having control of my life. A slow burn is the opposite.

Things to consider about a slow burn are: you plan with your goals in mind, you know the difference between fixed and flexible deadlines, you proactively plan for rest and & recharge, you grow slowly but surely, and you are in control. The idea of growth is not instantaneous, it is about patience and persistence. One aspect that is important to universally everyone is taking control of your life. We believe that life is set upon destiny, or whatever is happening in that moment defines what and who we are but, it shouldn’t. We must learn how to stay motivated. When it comes to motivation, we should be driven by internal love of the task which is Intrinsic Motivation. To nail down Intrinsic Motivation, you must be clear on your “why”. Why do I do it? Why do I love doing this task? Understanding your “why” brings clarity to your self-awareness of the reasons you’re doing a task. Not because you want validation from others but, validation and the love for it from yourself.

Upon reading this, I hope you, the reader, can take away something new from this. A new perspective to possibly change your habits. The next issue will be about maintaining habits, breaking bad habits, and techniques that help start new habits.

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