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GSA Leadership Panel

By: Ashanti Hannon


Earlier this month, the following graduate students were voted in as the new leaders of the Graduate Student Association. Read more to learn about their goals for GSA and how they plan to enhance the experience of graduate students at NY Tech!

GSA President: Chethan Chandrasekhara

Chethan is a dedicated and driven individual pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at NY Tech. He is currently in the third semester of his program and has taken on the role of GSA President, where he aims to bring about positive changes in the student experience and campus life.

Goals for GSA as President:

1. Increase Awareness of Campus Activities

Chethan recognizes that many students on campus are unaware of the events and activities happening at NY Tech. As GSA President, his primary goal is to bridge this information gap. He plans to use various communication mediums, both traditional and digital, to ensure that all students are well-informed.

2. Direct Student Engagement

Chethan understands that passive communication methods can sometimes be ineffective. He intends to meet with students directly, either five minutes before or after class, to personally engage with them and provide information about upcoming events and activities.

3. Transition to Online Awareness

In today's digital age, online presence is essential. Chethan aims to convert awareness efforts from in-person notifications to online platforms, ensuring that students can access event information and updates conveniently.

4. Student Feedback through Surveys

To better understand student needs and preferences, Chethan plans to create surveys that ask students what they are looking for in terms of campus activities and explain what the GSA can offer. This feedback-driven approach will help tailor GSA initiatives to meet the desires of the student body.

5. Strategic Fundraising

Chethan is focused on fundraising efforts during the first half of the semester to secure resources for the second semester. This will help ensure a steady stream of funding for events and activities throughout the academic year.

6. Increased Funding for Grad Students

Chethan recognizes the financial challenges faced by graduate students. He aims to secure more funding for on-campus job opportunities, ultimately alleviating the financial burden on graduate students.

7. Enhanced Alumni Mentorship

GSA, under Chethan's leadership, seeks to improve the existing alumni mentorship program. This will provide graduate students with valuable guidance and connections to boost their career prospects.

8. Third-Party Consulting Opportunities

Chethan is committed to increasing graduate students' employment rates by facilitating third-party consulting opportunities. This will offer students practical experiences and networking possibilities.

9. Collaboration with Other Clubs and Organizations

Chethan emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the GSA and other clubs and organizations on campus. This synergy will help create a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

10. University Department Collaboration

To achieve these goals, Chethan plans to actively work with various university departments, strengthening the collaboration efforts between the GSA and the academic institution itself.

GSA President: Chethan Chandrasekhara

GSA Vice-President: Amanda Laura

Amanda is a second-semester MBA student majoring in Finance, who is currently serving as the Vice President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) at NY Tech. Her role as GSA Vice President reflects her commitment to enhancing the graduate student experience by addressing various challenges and fostering a sense of community and support.

Goals for GSA as Vice-President:

1. Amplifying Graduate Student Voices

Amanda is passionate about ensuring that the concerns and needs of graduate students are heard and addressed. She aims to be a strong advocate for their interests, bridging the gap between students and the administration.

2. Improving Graduate Student Services

Amanda noticed that when she first arrived as a graduate student, there was a lack of services and resources tailored to the specific needs of this demographic. She seeks to address this by increasing the accessibility of information and making resources more readily available.

3. Building a Stronger Community

Amanda believes that creating a sense of community is vital for graduate students. She aims to establish an atmosphere where students feel connected, supported, and informed. This will involve hosting various events, both social and academic, to foster a sense of togetherness among graduate students.

4. Networking and Mentorship

Amanda recognizes the importance of networking and mentorship for graduate students. She plans to implement programs and events that facilitate networking and mentorship opportunities, helping students build connections that can be valuable for their academic and professional development.

5. Enhancing Visibility

Amanda intends to increase the visibility of the GSA among graduate students and the wider university community. This will involve increasing consistency in communication, promoting GSA events and initiatives, and improving outreach efforts.

6. Collaboration with Student Clubs

Amanda sees great potential in collaborating with various student clubs to achieve common goals. She aims to work closely with these clubs, pooling resources and expertise to create a more vibrant graduate student experience.

7. Engaging with the Alumni Network

Amanda recognizes the value of involving alumni in the graduate student community. She plans to establish connections with alumni, offering opportunities for mentorship, career guidance, and knowledge sharing to current students.

GSA Vice-President: Amanda Laura

GSA Director of Programming: Benny Joseph

Benny is a dedicated second-semester MBA student at NY Tech with a strong commitment to enhancing the student experience. As the Director of Programming for the Graduate Student Association (GSA), Benny is passionate about fostering a sense of community, growth, and enrichment among fellow graduate students. His key goals for GSA revolve around improving the quality of student life and making the most out of the graduate school journey.

Goals for GSA as Director of Programming:

1. Increase Events

Benny is determined to expand the range of events and activities offered by GSA. He envisions a diverse array of programs that cater to different interests, ensuring there's something for everyone. From cultural celebrations to professional development workshops, Benny is committed to providing a well-rounded experience for his peers.

2. Getting to Know Peers and Increasing Engagement

Benny understands the importance of forging connections and networking. He aims to create opportunities for graduate students to connect with one another, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the NY Tech community. Increased engagement is a cornerstone of his strategy.

3. Designing opportunities on Campus for Students to Get to Know Each Other

Benny believes in the power of an active, engaging campus environment. He's working on initiatives that encourage students to spend more time on campus, getting to know both the institution and their fellow students. This includes the development of communal spaces and social events.

4. Events focused on Entrepreneurship, Career Advancement, and Mentorship

With an eye on the future, Benny is dedicated to organizing professional events that help graduate students excel in their careers. These events will focus on entrepreneurship, career advancement, and mentorship, connecting students with industry experts and opportunities.

5. Current Work in Process with Training and Assigning Roles

Benny is currently in the process of building a strong team and delegating responsibilities within GSA. He's committed to training and empowering his team members to ensure the successful execution of GSA's goals.

Benny's vision for the Graduate Student Association at NY Tech is one of inclusivity, personal and professional growth, and a vibrant campus life. With a hands-on approach and a passion for making a positive impact, he's poised to leave a lasting mark on the graduate student experience

GSA Director of Programming: Benny Joseph

Amanda and Benny have recently met with Chethan to discuss a comprehensive plan for the year ahead. During this meeting, the team proposed various initiatives and strategies to ensure that the GSA fulfills its objectives and meets the expectations of graduate students.

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