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Clubhouse: The New Way to Network

Clubhouse, which launched in April 2020, is an invite-only audio-chat platform. Created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the new platform is quickly grabbing attention from Silicon Valley.

The platform allows users to join audio chat rooms which are separated into two groups: the speakers (moderators are included within this section) and those who are listening in. When in the room, users are able to see who else is listening into the conversation. The platform was initially designed to be a podcasting app, but when adding the feature to let other users join in to the conversation, Clubhouse was born.

Clubhouse is currently only available to download on Apple IOS. It is expected that the app will be made available to the public, and to download for Android users very soon.

As of now, Clubhouse remains invite-only but users are able to download the app and save their personal usernames until they have an account. Currently, when downloading Clubhouse there are two things that will happen - without an invite, users will stay on the waiting list until you are either moved up or nominated by someone on the platform or you will be given access to the platform when it is open to the public.

The exclusivity of the platform has allowed users to participate in conversations with people they may have never gotten the chance to speak with in their everyday lives. With the app not being open to the public, there are many celebrities that will have candid conversations on the platform. Rooms are hosted and moderated by various celebrities or notable people who are willing to have an open conversation.

Some notable big tech Clubhouse users include Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. There are also many celebrities who are active on the platform such as Diplo, Paris Hilton, MC Hammer and many others. Many politicians have also been spotted using the platform from time to time.

Rooms hosted or joined by these celebrities have covered various topics such as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Art, Politics, Podcasting, and many others. Business focused rooms where users can join and pitch and advertise their ideas can also be found for those interested in entrepreneurship or even stocks.

The exclusivity of the platform has allowed users to meet and collaborate in ways never seen before. Opening up spaces to create and discuss new projects and the future of media. Clubhouse undoubtedly, has created a new way to network.

With a platform that has such a great level of exclusivity comes a lot of questions. If Clubhouse opens to the public and more people join the platform, will these open conversations stop? Let me know your thoughts.

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