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What’s next for the Manhattan Globe?

By: Natalia Chancafe

Globe Managing Editor

What’s on the horizon for the Globe?

As Managing Editor of the Globe for two semesters now I have seen so much growth in our staff and work! The Globe has grown to be a multimedia platform group, focusing on writing and publishing but also social media, graphic design, and video production! This has opened us to a whole new group of talented students! 

Several NYC students didn’t even know we had a student newspaper. Unfortunately, this was once me too! The Globe is now proud to have photographers, videographers, editors, and graphic designers! Here are some accomplishments our brilliant staff has achieved this semester.

-A new masthead and logo! Thanks to our amazing graphic designer and staff writer Alexandra Ortiz we have revamped our logo on the paper. 

-One of our biggest accomplishments this semester is the start of our YouTube Channel!  Have you subscribed? We now post video versions of our amazing articles. This also leads to our next accomplishment…

- The Student Success Series! This was a goal our staff had been trying to accomplish since last semester. With this new segment, we highlight outstanding students that have overcome obstacles or achieved personal goals at NY Tech. 

- Social media updates!

Did you know the Manhattan Globe has an Instagram? Now you do! We post regularly with the help of our creative staff. Some content you can find is vlogs, story updates, and so much more! 

As for the big question- what’s on the horizon for the Globe next semester? 

Although our Editor in Chief is graduating soon, we have big plans for the Globe! We are looking to focus on more Youtube videos, website design, printing three issues a semester, and stories and content. 

What would you like to see from the student newspaper next semester? If you’re interested or have suggestions for the Manhattan Globe email the managing editor at or DM us on Instagram @Manhattanglobe

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