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What is Your Art Poison?

In the art world, you can easily find many like minded people that share your same passions and interests. Painting, Dancing, Acting, Writing etc. It is now for you to decide which of those artforms you connect with and belong . Me for instance, I happen to gravitate towards the field of music. It has always been that way for me from a very young age, and at this point has pretty much cemented its way into a permanent trait of mine. As an International student, I was very surprised to find out the university was not very invested in the musical arts as much as myself and other students thought it would be. I have since moved on from that shocking discovery, but it is a little disappointing to know that an institute I hold at high regard has no love for my artform. I am the only student that feels this way, I believe, there are other students on campus who feel the same way as I do. I mean c’mon I go to university (Or did lol *cough COVID cough*) in NYC for Pete’s sake!

When the world collapsed in 2020, and we almost entirely began living like recluses, the one thing that protected me from spiraling into insanity was yes, you guessed it: MUSIC. I also noticed on YouTube there were so many netizens re-visiting their favorite songs and leaving comments such as “Like if you’re listening to this during COVID-19” or “COVID-19 making us listen again to all these G(o)ldies”. It was really heartwarming to see people from all around the world leaving comments as such. It fortified my belief in music being the universal language. The lockdown phase during the early months of 2020 also welcomed me with some downtime to refine my rusting musical playing abilities, and allowed me to revise my piano and guitar skills which in turn facilitated me to navigate through the pandemic a lot easier by keeping myself occupied. But I think the actual saving grace came from one of my favorite bands The 1975, All Time Low and Neck Deep releasing their anticipated albums Notes on a Conditional Form, Wake Up Sunshine and All Distortions Are Intentional, respectively. Long live Alternative and Punk!

I personally feel like music is the greatest form of art but, I am also aware that it is totally subjective. But who can give me an instance where you went an entire day without listening to a song or at least heard something that was musical in nature? How about when you watched a movie, played a video game, and realized there was no music involved? 90% of the time there is music involved. So to my NYIT readers, I would love to leave with you one question, do you think our university should promote extracurricular activities that pertain towards the creative arts more or should they stick to only exercising and encouraging achievements of STEM majors? Food for thought! Also what is/are your favorite genre(s) of music? And what are your voice types? Do you play any instruments? I really enjoy utilizing the R&B style of vocal technique with heavy emphasis on riffs and runs but I have recently been exploring my mix and trying to mess with it. I would classify myself as a Baritenor and my favorite musical instrument is the piano! Hope you guys liked reading this little piece!

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