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Welcome Home Bobby

It seemed that everything got warmer and the sun came out as the hat returned and Bobby Shumurda otherwise known as Ackquille Jean Pollard was released on parole February 23, 2021 from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. He concluded a seven year sentence behind bars after his 2014 arrest in New York City at the peak of his career for conspiracy and criminal possession of weapons charges. The Jamaican-American songwriter became a legend within hip hop culture and coming home signals much more than just a regular rapper who went to prison and came back. He provides a prolific hip hop story that coincides with the grimer story in hip hop with Tekashi69. He faced similar charges as Bobby but chose to be an informant and throw everyone who was involved with his charges under the bus in order to face less time. Bobby took a harsher plea deal in his criminal case and chose a longer sentence to lessen the time of his fellow GS9 member, rapper and friend Rowdy Rebel. Rowdy otherwise known as Chad Marshall was released before Bobby on December 15, 2020 .

The world was introduced to Bobby and his popular “shmoney dance” when he gained international popularity in 2014 when his song "Hot N*gga" peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and went platinum from selling over a million copies. He had everything going for him at the time with a deal from Epic Records due to his super successful single along with his just as successful debut ep Shmurda She Wrote. His bright attitude and trailblazing drill sound sparked the New York hip hop scene along with the rest of the world making him not only a hip hop legend but an internet legend, making him one of the most publicly anticipated rappers of almost all time.

New York City Police arrested him and charged him on December 18, 2014 along with several other members of his Brooklyn GS9 crew with conspiracy to murder, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment. This news devastated the hip hop community as Bobby had to wait for two years for his trial without bail. In 2016, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison, which was shortened to five years due to the two years he already served awaiting trial.

Bobby was welcomed home with open arms as popular rapper Quavo took a private jet to pick him up. Footage and photos of Bobby on the jet receiving gifts; him on FaceTime with family, friends and other musicians; reuniting with his collaborator Rowdy Rebel; and getting ready to go to a welcome home party surfaced on social media shortly after he was released. He was also presented with plaques by Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone.

Bobby Shurmda is widely loved and celebrated not only for his contributions to hip hop but for his honor and valor whilst being charged for accepting a harder sentence to help lower the sentencing for Rowdy Rebel. His story is interesting to look at in hip hop especially if you compare it to the Tekashi69 case in which he was just released from jail early 2020, after his charges in New York. He is someone who is debated over due to him cooperating with the authorities and testifying against the members of the Nine Trey gang which he affiliated himself with. Bobby has remained a popular figure in mainstream media despite his time in prison and still he remains an anticipated artist. This shows how much Bobby is loved and how his actions in hip hop culture were never underlooked or forgotten. This sets a great example for anybody who pays attention to hip hop, that all morality and ethics in the culture isn't lost. It's good to see we have a rapper that can be a living legend instead of one having to pass away to be deemed that.

Picture from @itsbobbyshumurda

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