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Using Events Outside Campus as a Supplement To Our Education

Updated: Mar 11

I used to be a student who preferred to stay within the comfort of my own campus. However, as I got more involved in my studies, I realized that I wanted to broaden my horizons vertically & horizontally to beyond what my school could offer. I wanted to explore different opportunities, people  and expand my knowledge. Attending external conferences and meeting with embassies, top tier universities can be a game changer for us graduate students. It provides us with the chance to learn from 1) top-tier experts, 2) network with peers, and 3) gain insights into the most relevant developments and patterns in our field  and major.

Attending events similar to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can be an eye-opener for engineering and computer science grads. It's actually a major tech event that brings together global innovators, investors, and industry leaders to showcase new technologies and discuss new developments. Attending events like CES can be a fantastic way to learn the latest innovations like virtual reality podcasts, augmented reality, and the internet of things, etc.

Being present at events like the World Economic Forum in Davos can be a brilliant opportunity for us business and finance graduates. It's a global gathering of political & business leaders from all around the world to discuss global economic issues, updates and emerging trend occurrences. Engaging in events such as the World Economic Forum can provide us with valuable insights into the world's economic conditions and the role of technology in influencing the global economy.

Attending events like the BIO International Convention can be a real treat for healthcare and biotechnology graduates. It's an assembly of leaders from the bio-technology and pharmaceutical industries to discuss the most recent research projects and developments they are working on. Attending events like BIO can give important insights into the latest trends in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as the chance to meet industry leaders and potential employers.

Attending exterior events and conferences is a game changer for us graduate students. We can improve our education, broaden our perspectives, and position ourselves for achievement in our future careers by attending these events. So, mate, if you have the opportunity to participate in one of these events, I strongly advise you to do so!

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