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Top 10 Signs He or She is Falling for You

1. He/She shows concern over anything and everything that happens to you.

Often, partners show how much they care for you by acts of kindness and service. These partners usually show concern for your well being. Anything that happens to you affects them; they want your happiness and health. He/she will be there for you no matter what the situation.

2. He/She values your thoughts and opinions.

When a person truly cares about you, they listen. They laugh at your jokes even if they aren’t all that funny. Most importantly, they enjoy connecting with you because they value similar things as them. If he/she respects your thoughts and opinions, you’ve found yourself a keeper.

3. He/She introduces you to their friend and/or family.

It takes courage to introduce your partner to the people in your life. It shows true feelings of commitment. Often when a person actively wants to be a part of your life and wants the same in return it's because they believe that you're worth the risk. They also value the opinion of their loved ones and they want to share their happiness with the people that they love.

4. He/She seems happier when you are around.

It’s a great sign when a person that’s falling for you has a glow about them everytime they see you. Usually they can’t stop smiling and the feeling is unexplainable to them. They purely enjoy your energy and sometimes this leads them to become shy or even nervous. It comes to a point where you do the same and that you can when you know the feelings are mutual.

5. He/She dedicates time for you.

No matter what they are doing they make time for you and it is effortless. Also, if they can’t see you they make sure to check on you over the phone by text or call. In addition, they want to share time with you, meaning they want to let you into their lives. Lastly, they want to build memories together.

6. He/She talks about months or even years in the future with you.

When someone is falling in love or in love they find themselves talking about the future sometimes. Maybe it’s a party months from now that he/she wants to be your date to. Sometimes, depending on the person, they may talk about meeting your parents. As time pases they talk about living together and sharing a place with you.

7. He/She texts you a lot when you are apart.

Some partners can’t get enough of you and remind you that they miss you often. This usually happens more in long distance relationships where being together is not possible at the moment but rather in the future. This shows patience and dedication from a partner.

8. He/She keeps their promises.

He/she values every moment they have with you. This shows the respect and commitment they are willing to bring to the relationship. Also, it shows that he/she is reliable when you most need them through thick and thin. It creates solid relationship values of respect and commitment that stay strong throughout the relationship with you.

9. He/She makes eye contact more than usual with you.

When a person values you they value your connection with them. Your time is valuable and they want you to know you matter to them. Eye contact is a sign of respect and intimate communication between two people. Often looking at one other is all you may need.

10. He/She notices things about you that you that others don’t see.

They often notice when you are hurting or feeling happy and point it out. Also, small things such as you wanting pizza on Friday after work and he/she gets it for you without asking. They know your likes and dislikes and you didn’t even need to tell them. It takes real dedication to get to this point but when you notice this, you can be confident they are committed.

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