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The Impact of United States’ Election on International Students

The United States’ decision of who will be the 46th president of the United States is discussed in each part of the globe. Who is better for U.S. and the world? What is the impact for different nations?

Will there be a change in future legislation and policy or not? This year has been so difficult, starting with the pandemic that has affected everyone’s lives, economy, tourism, and education.

All countries considered remote education, causing confusion for international students continuing their studies in the U.S, not to mention fear about catching COVID-19. As a student who earned a master’s degree in the USA from the New York Institute of Technology, my dream is to further my education and now earn a PhD at another American university.

The presidential election should not impact my education plan. I first came to the U.S. in 2015 when President Obama occupied the White House. I learned English in Philadelphia. I spent great years there. I am a Muslim girl who wears a hijab. Despite unfair and untrue depictions of Muslims as terrorists, I did not experience racism. Americans accepted me as I am. I still love this great country, which respects all people. This has taught me to accept other people too. The lesson is civilizations are measured by respecting others. Before Donald Trump became president, I was in Saudi Arabia, preparing applications to universities for a master’s degree. His speeches in regard to immigration were sharp and shocking, and once elected, he established strict requirements to enter the USA. There were concerns his actions would affect the admissions and Visa processes. There are some fears about who will accept international students, especially those from Saudi Arabia who are Muslim.

When I arrived in the USA in 2017 to start my master’s journey, gaining university admission and procuring a student visa was easy. The university staff, classmates, and neighbors were friendly and helpful. I never felt being a stranger in a strange country. So this wonderful experience as as international student for almost three years causes me to not be concerned who will ultimately win this election. In my opinion, America is a country of law and liberty not matter who will be the 46th president. That is what makes the USA a great country. This is why I love the USA and the beauty of its diversity.

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