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The Future is Female

Firstly, Happy Women's

History Month to all the ladies reading this article! In honor of this month of legendary women, it was only fitting to cover the new wave of female CEOs rising and taking over the world of Entrepreneurialism. I had the pleasure to virtually sit with a new and successful entrepreneur, Mrs. Leanda Charles. She is indeed a jack of all trades as she’s a mother of two, military spouse, student, YouTuber, dance instructor, and CEO of her natural skincare company, Pampered Princess.

During this interview, Leanda does spill the beans on the challenges of being a small business owner while fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother of two at the age of 23, with a husband deployed for months at a time. “ It does get a bit overwhelming at times but it is my reality and I’m doing the best I can!” she says with a bright smile. Leanda explains that she always knew she was destined to be her own boss as taking orders from a manager never sat well with her.

To end her interview, Leanda gave 7 tips to any current or future entrepreneurs that may find it challenging to start or run their own business.

  1. Have Passion in What You Do: Ensure that whatever your business venture is, you enjoy what you do and that you’re doing it from a place of love and for the right reasons.

  1. Time Management: Make a schedule and stick to it! Prioritize all tasks on a need-to-be-done basis.

  1. Work Smart Not Smart: Ensure that you are working to yield the best results and not wasting effort pursuing dead ends.

  1. Promote Your Business to People You Don’t Know: Family and Friends are not obligated to support you, and most times, they are the hardest on you. It is much easier to promote to and gain support from a stranger than a loved one.

  1. Invest in Yourself: Spend time furthering your knowledge in your field and keeping updated with new trends and shifts in the industry.

  1. Don’t Rush: Perfection and growth take time. It is okay to go through a slow phase. No business blows up over time. Always remember slow and steady wins the race.

  1. It is okay to Fail: Everyone is always afraid to fail or lose, but it is only in failure to truly grow and learn.

Leanda is taking the entrepreneurial world by storm one sale at a time, and paving the way for others. Be sure to check out her all-natural skincare line at and shop her best-seller, the Lavender Sugar Scrub.

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