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The Eternal Canvas

Updated: Apr 2

By Daijah Calhoun

This illustration is about the eternal bliss of peace. Peace can come in many forms: through art, dance, cooking, laughter, and so on. 

In any form, art has been a conduit for expressing the complex nuances of the human experience. It is more than just an aesthetic appeal. It is the timeless vessel and immortalizes various aspects of life; it preserves moments, emotions, and ideas over generations. 

Throughout time, art has served as visual chronicles. It documented history and the ever-evolving societies and cultures. The cave paintings to contemporary digital art are part of a tapestry that connects past, present and future. Artists of all types can immortalize their individual and collective identities through any medium. Historical figures and everyday people are often encapsulated with the essence of their identity which allows for viewers to connect with this diverse tapestry. This remarkable fabrication has also reached the depths of emotion. The human experience can be anything but without the spectrum of emotion. From joy to sorrow and despair, art can portray it, providing visual expression to these complex emotions. Emotions are like mosaics, allowing future generations to empathize with this universal experience. 

Artists have always been inspired by the world to preserve it. Botanical gardens, paintings and even sculptures to architecture are something that we can all appreciate. The different hands that molded the art industry are diverse. We can connect with all types of art because of how we identify in society. The human experience is accompanied by all of the things we enjoy which shape us into who we are, the art surrounding us helps us. We eventually pass down our identities and our perspectives to younger generations. Art is a bridge that connects older and younger generations.

As we navigate through society we need an escape or a breath of fresh air. Art is what we hold on to whether it is music, painting and sculptures. We are made to create, which makes our shared experiences an eternal canvas.


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Steven Cabrera
Steven Cabrera
27 de mar.

So profound!

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