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On The Globe

The Manhattan Globe was created in 2016 by Professor Jaffee and a team of students. While trying to come up with names they were amazed by the different backgrounds of students from all over the world. There they were, on the Manhattan campus of New York Institute of Technology and there they decided to name the news- paper “Manhattan Globe.” Like most humans, teams, and media companies, we have had to adapt to the times this year. We have been printing our monthly paper for the past 5 volumes we have made the decision to have more of a digital presence. This semester we have been fo- cusing on what we can do as cre- ators and with this we have come to understand that our perspectives are so special. We have been pushing our website and social media team. We have created multi-media tactics. We have focused ourselves on how can we get our voice heard. Our perspc- tive is special. Our stories are special. We know we have a responsibility.

March 18th, we hosted Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! and talked to her about hot topics in society. We had an incredible turn-out and are excited for next month’s event. We thank all who have supported us and have read our issues. We con- tinue to create although news of the Communication Arts department be- ing deactivated has brought us some troubles. However this will not be the end. We will not give up. We will not stop writing, and we will not stop discovering the stories and issues. It is up to us to find and report the truth. Keep reading. Keep watching.We are a community of curious humans.

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