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Into the Perfidious Ocean

By Gaby Pinewood and Cybrieme Hargrove

A world of grey- A sad kind of play. In separate mind, In separate space. I never thought i’d ever Come to miss a place With stresses unlike this; Those stresses feel now like bliss

Going through the mo- tions, Feeling disconnected. Flowing through an ab- stract ocean Of all my imperfections; It affected my perspec- tive. Sitting in solace, Isolated introspection

There is a change in me, A change in the world- My eyes see the perfidi- ous ocean, A never ending toll of motions. In my defiled mind and place I see

A needed memory of my devotion. On the horizon, Where how I feel meets what I see; Perhaps there will be Something that will set me free From tumultuous tides

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