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How Did Covid-19 Affect Your College Life? Mine Wasn't As I Had Planned By Ziye Jin

After two years of Covid-19, I finally caught the disease. On June 26, 2022, my temperature was a 100-degree fever and I started to feel tired. It feels the same as I did after the vaccine. At that time, I was still in Orlando. When I got back to the hotel, I self-tested and it was positive. When we went to Disney, there were so many people that didn't wear masks. Although I was wearing the mask all the time, it didn’t help. That’s why I'm not surprised, and I'm not particularly afraid because I've been vaccinated three times and many people around me have had it.

At first, I had no appetite and stayed in bed. I took medicine to reduce the fever but it didn't take long for the fever to continue. My throat started to hurt, and then my nose started running like crazy and I couldn't stop it. I finally went home on June 28 and started my quarantine for a week. I called my doctor that day and she gave me some antibiotics and a few self-test boxes. I stayed in my room for the whole week and only go to the bathroom with my mask on. When my mom comes to my room to give me food, she will always has her mask on. I use the test box every day to see if I’m negative or not. And finally after a week, on July 4, I’m negative. I continued to cough a lot after that, and it took me about a week or two to recover.

I am currently studying Accounting on the Long Island campus. I enrolled in New York Tech in the summer of 2019. There was a Jump Start program that allowed me to go to college a few months earlier. I took three classes and got eight credits for them. It would have been a good start for me to get to know the school and make new friends until COVID-19 started. By 2020, all schools had switched to remote learning because of the pandemic. My college life has shifted to an online college. I have been taking classes online until now. It has been over two years and this is my last semester at New York Tech. I felt like online classes are much easier, but I don’t think they helped me a lot in learning. Because of the environment, I can get distracted easily. I have also missed the social life that would have occurred or any plan for internship or club activity. I'm sure many people have the same experience as me. And I want to know your story too.

I interviewed two classmates and this is what they told me. Justin Bestler is also an Accounting major, and about to graduate this semester. He only had 3 in-person classes since Covid started. He said: “COVID in my opinion has made classes much easier. But it was much harder to find friends with most of my classes online.” Vivian Jewoola is majoring in Marketing, and graduating this December. She said: “Honestly, covid-19 affected my college life socially. Like covid took most of my college experience. When covid happened I was a freshman and now I am a senior. I wasn’t able to make a lot of friends.” I can relate to their experience because it happened to me too. Honestly, I didn’t make many friends during my college experience. I barely went to the campus since the first week in March 2020 when everything was locked down, and never had the chance to visit the Manhattan campus. However, it is easier for people to take classes online, and pass. I guess everything has pros and cons.

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