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Echoes of Experience: New York Tech Senior Recollections

Maryam Iqbal, Opinions Staff Writer

Image designed by Maryam Iqbal

As the end of Fall semester quickly approaches, New York Tech seniors and a first year medical student at New York Tech College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM) cherish the memories and close friendships formed. From fast-paced lectures to occasional challenges, New York Tech is a college with a truly remarkable and distinctive character. In turn, creating a home for many students and a place to learn life lessons alongside creative, humanistic individuals. At the Long Island (LI) New York Tech campus, Mohit Shah, Sanjeeda Rahman, and Zaen Asghar share insightful, perceptive advice in the hopes of inspiring current undergraduates and graduate students on ending this Fall semester on a strong note! :)

Mohit Shah:

Mohit Shah - a first-year medical student at NYCOM is a recent graduate from New York Tech. Being a New York Tech alum, his pride for New York Tech’s rare lively and excitable atmosphere is unwavering. His advice for current New York Tech undergraduate students to work hard this semester includes a comparison between his studying as a first-year medical student to his undergraduate years. As an undergrad, he was “able to get good grades by studying a couple of days or a week before any big exam” he had. However, he cautions against doing that frequently because as a current graduate student - graduate coursework is quite tough! “Every lecture builds on top of the last” so he recommends reviewing lectures “multiple times over a longer period of time till you can say that you know it well.” Hence, Mohit encourages undergraduates to begin building strong, consistent studying habits early so that it can help for future studies and work. 

Sanjeeda Rahman:

A third-year Life Sciences, B.S./Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. (BS/DO student), Sanjeeda Rahman shares a similar enthusiasm in her reflections upon the many lessons learned at the New York Tech LI campus. One of the biggest pieces of advice she would like to share with current undergraduates is that “throughout this semester and college in general, the people who you choose to surround yourself with really make or break the experience.” Accordingly, she encourages college students to find the right friends who provide a “support system that you need in order to get through the tough times.”  This way, you can find a person to study with who will make classes a lot less stressful and help you have a positive college experience!

Zaen Asghar:

Quite fittingly, these bittersweet recollections end with advice from Sanjeeda’s iconic study buddy, Zaen Asghar. Zaen is also a third-year BS/DO student who has in fact been in many of Sanjeeda’s classes throughout undergrad! His advice builds on Sanjeeda’s through his personal insights on the struggles of challenging coursework. Since “a lot of times, things don’t go according to plan,” he advocates for trying to take on a new perspective. After all, getting a bad grade or having a stressful personal situation shouldn’t stop anyone from having a nice undergraduate experience! One example he gave for changing up your perspective is “switching up studying methods or finding out what’s wrong” can help in truly making a difference, thereby benefiting you in the long run. Through building reliable friendships, he has found college to be a “less difficult and a more enjoyable experience” that he will treasure as wonderful memories from New York Tech.

Thus, you heard it here - New York Tech is truly a college like no other with many fascinating stories, advice, and lessons to learn from fellow undergraduate and graduate students! Make sure to stay tuned and on the lookout as always to Manhattan Globe’s videos, social media posts, and articles featuring these amazing students. 

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