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Did Blizzard Mess Up?

A few days ago, Activision, the publishing company in charge of Blizzard, announced that Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 will not be released in 2021. Back at BlizzCon 2019, the fans were given teasers for the two games, exciting them for the future to come. While neither of the games had a release date, there was speculation that 2021 would be the year that they premiered, after Blizzard employees were given a year to fine-tune the sequels.

Diablo 4 fans are disappointed, but on the bright side, the mobile game Diablo Immortal will find its way into the app stores this year. The expectations are high enough for the community to give it a try and see how it feels on a phone.

Meanwhile, Overwatch fans are heartbroken. When Blizzcon Online was announced for February 19, 2021, Blizzard confirmed that there will be news regarding Overwatch 2 at the convention. Fans believed that a beta would come out of this, having leaked from famous Overwatch streamer Metro, who has predicted information delivered through previous BlizzCons.

But now, an overwhelming amount of evidence points to the release date of Overwatch 2 at the beginning of 2022, at the earliest. There is still no confirmation on when we will actually see a beta or live version of the game.

So what is Blizzard going to announce at BlizzCon 2021? Are they going to give some valuable information regarding the sequel, or perhaps introduce a free to play version of the original game? We will find out in two weeks.

(photo taken from flickr, public domain)

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