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"Come Argue With Us!" – A Vibrant Model UN Club Event in Honor of United Nations Day

By: Keerthi Kapavarapu 

In honor of United Nations Day, which celebrates the founding of the United Nations on October 24th, the Model UN Club hosted a riveting event, inviting enthusiasts to engage in constructive debates and discussions. Aptly titled "Come Argue With Us!", the event not only commemorated the essence of the United Nations but also promoted dialogue, critical thinking, and global awareness among participants. 

Held between 11 AM to 3 PM, the club saw a bustling crowd of avid debaters, thinkers, and global affairs enthusiasts eager to make their voices heard. 

Participants were presented with a platform to delve into a range of topics, reflecting the diverse and multifaceted challenges that the actual United Nations faces. Debates ranged from different levels and the delegates were allowed to pick their topics. 

What made the event even more engaging were the prizes that awaited the most eloquent and impactful speakers of the day. It wasn't just about winning an argument but about presenting ideas in a manner that resonated, influenced, and left an indelible mark on the audience. 

The "Come Argue With Us!" event serves as a reminder of the importance of dialogue in our increasingly interconnected world. Just as the United Nations strives to be a platform where nations come together to discuss and resolve pressing global challenges, events like these foster an environment where young minds can engage, challenge, and learn from each other. 

As the event concluded, it was evident that the spirit of the United Nations was alive and well among the participants. Not only did they leave with a sense of accomplishment and perhaps a prize or two, but also with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the complexities of global affairs. 

The Model UN Club extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and supporters who made the event a roaring success. As we reflect on the essence of United Nations Day, let us be inspired by the passion and commitment of these young ambassadors and strive to create a world where dialogue leads the way to understanding and collaboration.

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