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"Balancing Act: Navigating Student Struggles, Mindful Practices, and LeadershipWisdom with Jay Shetty"

- By Sharli Gelda

Juggling multiple group projects, hunting for that elusive summer internship, and the relentless pursuit of securing that coveted 'A' in the upcoming final exams – the struggles of a student are real. The looming graduation and the ticking clock of the OPT cycle only add to the stress. And let's not forget the frustration of unresponsive teammates during crucial project discussions. As the year-end approaches, so does the final scorecard for the hard work invested in the past months. 

In this chaotic whirlwind, sleep becomes a luxury, and there's little time for rejuvenation or physical activity. Prioritizing tasks and managing time becomes a daunting challenge, a struggle many of us are all too familiar with. In the relentless pursuit of academic and professional success, the importance of carving out a safe space for oneself becomes evident. 

Amidst the chaos, is there room for the art of mindfulness – a practice that harmonizes the mind and body? Can we find solace in the technique of time management without sacrificing our mental well-being? 

I had the privilege to attend a special session featuring the distinguished British-Indian author, podcaster, and motivational speaker, Jay Shetty. His insights on manifestation and creating safe spaces within our virtual and marketing networks were truly enlightening. Major takeaway (TIME)- 

Where we do have a set schedule, it is important to include a few habits to our day to day activities for an improved experience and better focus. ‘Mindfulness’ or as we say it- a balanced act between your body, mind and soul is a major key player here. Practicing this comes with constant belief and efforts (oh, and believe me it works.) Being present, cultivating self-awareness, and understanding 

your emotions and the one’s around you will result in better relationship building. He advocates meditation and conscious breathing for stress management and self-connection. 

I have been practicing these 4 Daily Habits for a month now and it has worked well in helping me with having an optimistic outlook towards everything and prioritizing myself over anything. The technique is known as TIME Technique- 

- Thankfulness: Acknowledge positives in life, keep a gratitude journal personally, and express thanks to colleagues professionally and affirmation to build your personal relationships. - Inspiration: Start and end the day positively; read an inspirational quote or listen to a motivational podcast in the morning, reflect on achievements in the evening. Listen to 

- Meditation: Prioritize mental well-being with practices like mindful breathing or guided meditation for 10 minutes each morning. - Exercise: Boost overall well-being with regular exercise, whether a daily walk, gym sessions, or yoga, dedicating 30 minutes a day. Go that extra mile!

These practices create a holistic approach, addressing mental, emotional, and physical aspects of life personally and professionally. 

In terms of leadership and having a balancing act for work-life balance, Jay shared invaluable wisdom: 

🎯 Clear Purpose: Jay stressed the importance of preserving the authentic story behind what we

build. The story can often lose its purpose through repetition, so it's vital to rekindle that original

essence. For instance- What was your reason to enroll in the course you are in and what is your

return on investment?

🚀 Role in Achieving Purpose: Inspired by Liz Baker Plosser, Editor in Chief of Women's Health, Jay

emphasized vocalizing the mission and maintaining transparency. For Example- You are opting to

work as a Business Analyst Intern, you should start with having a clear goal, a strict timeline to

follow, getting referrals and a tab where you can check the status.

💡 Massive Transformation Purpose (MTP): Jay's MTP is about spreading wisdom through online

platforms, transcending transactions to focus on transformation and purpose. Knowing one’s

purpose would result in becoming more productive and focused with prioritizing tasks. You can use

the ABC Technique- giving maximum importance to task in ‘A’ category and moving forward.

🤝 Galvanizing Leadership: Jay highlighted the power of vulnerability and showing weaknesses.

These qualities open doors for genuine connections and empower us to lead by example, fostering

curiosity and humanizing our interactions. While we all are on the same boat, there is a requirement to be vocal about our struggles while we are very open to positive feedback.

🚀 What's Next: Jay Shetty's brand is evolving to engage, educate, and entertain both digitally and personally, with the Outgrow community at its core. This journey underscores the importance of reprioritizing life for a greater purpose.

As the year draws to a close, it's not just about the final scorecard; it's about acknowledging the toll our pursuits can take on our mental and physical health. Perhaps, in the quest for excellence, there's a need to strike a balance and create a safe haven for self-care and mindfulness. Let's embrace these insights and embark on our personal and professional growth journeys! 🌱

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